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Here at My First Toys we love our kids and are we passionate about bringing them up to be successful at everything they do by allowing them to start learning early the way THEY love to learn, by playing the games they love.

That’s why we gathered a team of experienced educators and parents to explore the internet for the best toys and games which are most helpful to our kids educational development and we categorized them into age appropriate toys and toys based on type to make it easy for you to pick the toy most suitable for your own kids.



Knowledge is power!


The best thing that you can do to your child is to love him first and then empower him or her to face the future with all the tools that they need. And most important of which is the power of knowledge.

And as you guess, knowledge start with their very first breath they draw so what you need to do is help them learn and grow to be their best.

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Educational Toys For Preschoolers

A lot of experts say that the best way to teach a child a certain subject or value is to introduce the concept during his or her play time. Because kids give their utmost attention to things that interest them, it is but natural to presume that they will more easily grasp ideas if they ...

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Buying Educational Toys

Buying the right kind of toy for a child is probably as difficult as solving a major Math equation. Do you get something that he or she would appreciate for the longer term until he or she grows a little older, or do you gift something that is the “in” thing now? Given the busy ...

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Play And Childrens Educational Toys

What does play do for a child? Contrary to what some people think, play is not just a waste of time and a means to pass it while waiting for important things to come. Play is a vital part of a child’s emotional development and learning, and it presents a host of advantages. Aside from ...

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Learning Science With A Smile

Who ever said that you couldn’t combine business with pleasure was a total idiot. Why is that so? It is so because being serious, at the same time having fun, is possible. Science is always thought to be a highly serious subject, but still, your children can enjoy while exploring those scientific discoveries and innovations. ...

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The Rationale Behind Childrens Educational Toys

Children have this natural character to learn. They have this ability to absorb new information and react to a stimulus almost like a sponge. Daily experiences, for instance, are excellent avenued in which children can learn. In this regard, games and play, and consequently the toys that they play with, are very helpful for this ...

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Electronic Educational Toys

Kids are able to learn best when they don’t think they’re learning anything. That is, the perfect way to teach them something is when they are at play. It is this concept that has propelled educational toys’s popularity to the highest levels. Despite the fact that they can be quite expensive, parents take no heed ...

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Educational Toys By LeapFrog

Since 1985, LeapFrog has taken to heart the commitment of providing quality and fun educational toys for children. With a team of experts in child psychology, teaching and technology, LeapFrog has established itself as one of the most sought after and popular educational toy makers all over the world. In fact, in 2000 alone, during ...

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Appreciating Your Childs Educational Toy

We live in extremely busy times. With expenses rising and the need to provide a good life for our children, most households rely on incomes from both parents, instead of just one, leaving the child with less than enough time to bond with his or her mom or dad. Because of this, most parents try ...

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Educational Toys For Toddlers

Have you ever experienced getting an invitation to a birthday party of your beloved 2-year old niece or nephew and do not know what to give? The moment you step into the toy store you find yourself in the midst of fascinating toys and you just can’t decide which one to pick. Well, if you ...

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Educational Toys Encourage Learning

There are many kinds of children’s educational toys, each specializing in a certain subject matter (like Math or Science) and working according to a particular age group. Because of the growing demand for educational toys, toy manufacturers have taken great effort and time to come up with new innovations almost every month. Before, finding the ...

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We are passionate about early learning and childhood development. If you are too, then browse our range of featured educational toys and online learning tools, and provide your child the opportunity to reach their full potential.